Company Overview

Our Law Company was founded in 2010 as a development of the law office created in 1979 by the Lawyer of Athens Bar Association and Professor of Labour Law in the Law Faculty of the University of Athens, Kostas D. Papadimitriou.

The company, led by Professor of Labour Law, Costas D. Papadimitriou, consists of lawyers with expertise in the field of labour law and industrial relations, social security and criminal law. The combination of academic curricula of our partners, and long-term practical experience is a guarantee for the effective handling of your case.

Our office is characterized by reliability, high quality service, long experience and specialized knowledge. The active connections with international academic and professional networks provide direct information about the development in the international legal field.

The labor law changes form rapidly, and directly affects individual and collective labor relations.  Deep knowledge of the subject and ongoing professional experience, allow our team to create solutions, even in the most challenging cases. Furthermore, the participation of our partners in seminars and conferences provides direct information. Handling of a large number of cases, many of which were of particular importance for the course of the case law, is proof of our experience. Nevertheless, the long-term cooperative ties with clients of the firm are the best proof of the quality of our services.

Our clientele constitutes of large and smaller companies operating in national and international area, trade unions, as well as individual employees. Finally, our company has a wide network of affiliated professional offices, when the complexity of the case requires further involvement of other law specialists or when it is necessary address the case in other parts of the country.